LML - Art & Design Exhibition 2019

International School Michel Lucius –GCSE, AS and A Level Art & Design Exhibition

We are proud to present the works of the International School Michel Lucius Art Classes 2018-2019.

Our 28 GCSE, AS-level and A-level students, have all created an astonishing body of work including a series of artworks, supporting studies and amazing sketchbook research pages.

The exhibition showcases their individual progress, as they investigate techniques, artists and processes to lay out their chosen theme(s). The exhibition counts 28 sketchbooks and around 130 artworks. Topics vary from humanity, the bond between nature and humans, the connection between science and art, mental disorders, identity, life and death, extraordinary people, the human body, war and conflicts, architecture, etc.

The Curriculum: The Edexcel Pearson Art & Design curriculum that LML offers, allows the student to develop their skills autonomously and to self-regulate their learning by developing highly personal projects. Their horizon of curiosity defines their area of expertise! The curriculum is focused around a process-oriented approach with a higher emphasis on research-based aesthetics. The creative outcomes are the results of a year of intense commitment and tedious work. At the same time, those are their submission for their examinations, which is divided in two components: a personal investigation and an externally set examination. The first one consists of the development of a personal theme with relevant projects and researches. The latter is an externally dictated theme in which the students create an individual response to it, using the same tools established in the prior component.

We would like to thank our students for their continuous engagement, knowing that it wasn’t an easypath. The results of all of their hard work can be seen, and they should be proud!